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2021-01-20 17:18:23

Anhui Bida Optoelectronic Technology.,Ltd, located in Hefei,Anhui,China,Combing with design ,sell ,and manufacture for international trade of high-tech color sorter machine,which able to sorting rice ,wheat,beans,ect.At present, more than 80 countries and regions have been exported.Looking ahead to the new ten years in twenty-first Century, the strategy of five years and ten years has been worked out,building the industrial chain of digital color selection in the direction of depth,make the Bida sorting product enter into hundreds of millions of “homes”

Bida primarily aimed to provide newest high-tech color sorter machine with high quality of services. After years of layout and development, an international mode of operation has been gradually formed..Let people from different countries and different nationalities enjoy safety, health, technology and happy life,and strive to be the "leader of color selection recognition industry"!

Anhui Bida Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd., Yaohai High-Tech Industry Park, Hefei 230000, China for participating in the upcoming Grain Tech India 2018 exhibition, scheduled to be held from 31st August to 2nd September 2018 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore India.Company stand is  K-21 of 9 sq.m (1 Side Open) under Shell Scheme .We will display our company new product ,4 series product: rice color sorter machine ,grain color sorter,stone color sorter and plastic color selection machine.The most common use is sorting rice,peanut,herbs,tea,seeds,corn,wheat,a variety of beans,dired vegetables ,recycled plastic,quartz stone and more.

Bida solemn promise to you :free software upgrade service during machine life time and one years quality assurance,24 hours technical consultation by phone er email,our engineer available to service machine and provide training overseas, once the machine arrived destination.Bida will constantly renew the history of color selection,established the brand of Bida Optoelectronic Technology in the industry.

New Products
  • tea color sorter

    Tea color sorter

    Bida tea color sorter is used to grade  the different tea, such as green tea, black tea and red tea after leaf dehydration.

  • Dehydrated food color sorter

    Dehydrated vegetable and seafood color sorter

    Dehydrated vegetable and seafood color sorter is to grade dehydrated vegetable and seafood by color and shap

  • herb color sorting machine

    Herb color sorter

    Herb color sorter is to sort herb with different shape or to grade herb by color difference.

  • wheat color sorter

    Wheat Color Sorter

    Wheat color sorter BDT5 is designed to sort and clean the impurity of wheat for safe food production

  • Caraway seeds color sorter

    Caraway seeds color sorter

    Seeds color sorter  is designed for seed sorting and separating to remove impurity and defect for safe food production. Bida CCD camera optical sorter with high definition and high accuracy is specially designed to better machine for heavy duty and easy maintenance.

  • Rice Color Sorter Machine

    256 Channels Rice Color Sorter Machine BDR4

    Capacity 3-4.8T/H. BIDA 4 chutes rice color sorter machine, RGB CCD Optical Sorting Machine, Sort bad, milky, Chalky, Paddy, foreign materials out, Available for long-grain,Round-Grain, etc.Faster speed, easier maintenance and high sorting accuracy.

  • Soybeans Color Sorter Machine

    640 Channels Beans Color Sorter China BDT10

    Grain Color Sorter Machine

  • Coffee Bean Color Sorter Machine

    640 Channels CCD RGB Camera Coffee Bean Color Sorter BDT10

    Coffee Bean Color Sorter,Best Grain Color Sorter Machine, Own latest ejector technology makes the ejectors longer life time, lower air consumption, faster speed, easier maintenance and high sorting accuracy

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Any question of us or our color sorter machine, please contact us immediately. We will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your attention!
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Any question of us or our color sorter machine, please contact us immediately. We will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your attention!

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